Command Abilities

These abilities are used actively during battle.

Name Level learnt Hit % Damage x Block x CD Effects / Details
Precise Strike 1 100 0.35 1 0 A calculated attack which cannot miss.
Haymaker 1 50 2.5 1 3 A barbaric attack that critically damages enemies. (Hit chance maxes at 75%)
Raise Shield 1 100 0 10 4 Reduces incoming damage from attacks to 1.
Sunder Armor 10 95 0 1 6 Reduces enemy armor by ?
Slice of Life 13 75 0.6 1 3 Heals 15% of max. HP, regardless of damage dealt.
Regenerate 16 100 0 1 5 Heals 35% of max. HP
Double Strike 19 60 0.4 1 1 Strike twice in a single round
Mocking Blow 22 75 2 1 3 A deceivingly powerful attack that causes the enemy to become enraged
Fresh Meat 25 85 .25 1 1 Deals increased damage (4x base) to enemies with full HP
Life Bloom 28 80 0 1.25 3 Applies a buff which heals for a large amount when it expires (5 rounds).
(Can be stacked) Buff duration: 4 turns.
Backstab 31 90 1.5 0 2 Deals massive damage, but leaves you defenseless
Soul Sacrifice 34 100 5 1 6 Deals massive damage, but reduces your HP to 1
Soul Link 37 100 0 1 4 Damage, healing, and buffs apply to both combatants
Execute 40 85 0.25 1 0 Deals MASSIVE damage (4x base) to enemies near death (<19% HP).
Enrage 43 100 0 1 2 Stores power for your next attack
Recklessness 46 100 0 1 3 Damage dealt and received is double for awhile.

Passive Abilities

These abilities are always active, and are usually bestowed by equipment.

Name Effects Granted by
Tumble Cannot be killed by a single blow while HP is greater than 75% Kite of the Phantom
Trainer 10% increase in EXP from killing monsters Weapons:


Squire's Mace, Knight's Mace, King's Mace,


Spiked Club, Morning Star, Sunlight's Flame

Armor: Defiant Leather Coif, Defiant Leather Leggings,

Unhallowed Leather Leggings

Scavenge Recover X HP after each battle Blight Dragon series, Plague Mask, Poleaxe of Greater Slashing
Barrier X% increase in chance of successful Rest Dazzling Greaves

Triggered Abilities

Some abilites are triggered only when other abilities, such as attack skills, are used. Most of these abilities have a percentage chance of getting triggered, other than which they will have no effect.

Name Trigger condition % Chance Effects Examples
Critical Hit An attack skill successfully hits ? 2x increase in Attack value of that attack Crossbow
Life Drain An attack skill successfully hits 100 HP recovery equals to X% of damage done, rounded down.  Seraph's Axe
Extra Attack An attack skill is used ? Bonus attack on enemy after the trigger attack is resolved Battering Helm of The Slayer
Terror An attack skill successfully hits ? 3-round buff applied to monster. Chance of monster not attacking in a round. Radiant Crescent
Mortal Strike An attack skill successfully hits ? 2-round buff applied to monster. Monster cannot heal. Double Hammer Axe