Damage TypesEdit

There are 6 types of damage in this game, Slashing, Crushing, Burning, Caustic, Radiant, and Demonic.

Dealing damageEdit

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Each weapon deals damage of the type corresponding to its colour. Some weapons (and armour) may deal additional damage of other types, as stated in their descriptions.

Enemies also deal specific types of damage, and this is indicated by the colour of the name of the attack they are using.

Damage types have strengths and weaknesses against other damage types:

Crushing is a balanced damage type with no particular strengths or weaknesses.

Radiant and Demonic are opposites and strongest against each other.

Slashing is strongest against Burning

Burning is strongest against Caustic.

Caustic is strongest against Slashing.

Reducing damageEdit

Some armour reduces damage of specific types, while others may reduce damage of all types.

Damage reduction works by reducing a fixed value of every instance of damage received by the player. For example, if the player has a total defense value of 50 against Crushing, every Crushing attack made against him will do 50 damage less, down to a minimum of 1 damage. Damage cannot be reduced below 1.

Most enemies also have resistance to certain types of damage, and may have weaknesses to other damage types. Resistance works like armour, reducing damage of a certain type by a fixed value, to a minimum of 1. Weaknesses usually take the form of negative defense, so that the enemy takes additional damage when hit by damage types that it is weak against.

Damage type is an important consideration when deciding how to outfit your adventurer before a trip to the dungeon, because enemies from a certain colour dungeon are more likely to inflict damage of that type. For example, the Halls of Mist is a blue dungeon, and hence the enemies in it are more likely to do Slashing damage than other types of damage.

Equip Points Edit

Each item requires a number of equip points to be used. The total points from all of your items cannot exceed your character's equip point maximum as listed on the character page  The equip point value of the item is determined by the level of rarity as follows:

  • Dust (1 point)
  • Common (2 points)
  • Rare (5 points)
  • Fabled (8 points)
  • Mythical (10 points)
  • Legendary (24 points)
  • Ultimate (40 points)

The level or type of item does not matter.


Version 1.0.1Edit

  • "Recover HP after battle" effects do not work. This will be fixed in the next patch.