Below is a listing off all the patch notes taken from the Facebook page. The version history is listed the the most recent at the top

Version 1.1.0Edit

released 08/25/2014


• Equip Points now refresh after previewing an item

• Reduced the frequency of network time outs

• An enemy attack that misses will now still apply any self-targeted debuffs

• Overall speed and transition time of menus has been improved

• Arsenal loading time have been significantly improved

• Inactive users will no longer be suggested as potential friends

• Many new sounds and music throughout

• Raise Shield now blocks all incoming damage for 1 turn

• Getting poisoned now has an animation

• Golems now have a HP cap of 10

• A pop up will warn the player if they are dismantling any item of Fabled or greater rarity

• Some monsters now have new animations and sprites when transforming mid-battle

• Some special rewards dungeons have been added which can be completed only once per player

• New push notifications have been added to the game that will alert you when a Market event starts or when time sensitive dungeons like "Rats!" are available. All notifications can be disabled individually, so you pick and choose which alerts you want to receive

• Damage animations now graphically reflect the type of damage being dealt

• Dozens of new Avatars have been added to the game, each with a unique Hero Ability that can be used in addition to the 3 Battle Abilities in combat.

• Encountering an Avatar in a dungeon that you’ve already unlocked will now award unique loot instead.

Item Abilities

• “Poison” damage is now considered Caustic damage

• “Thorns” has been changed to “Reflect” and deals a % of the attacker’s damage back to it with the same damage type

• “Retaliate” now causes the defender to strike back at the attacker using it’s weapon and damage type

• By popular demand, weapon damage types will now have increased/decreased base damage based on the damage type of the enemy. (Slashing -> Burning -> Caustic -> Slashing, Demonic <-> Radiant, Crushing)

Quality of Life Changes

• Arsenal sorting by "Newest" now works after dismantling

• Tavern Button is now accessible while in Combat

• Can no longer fuse items that are currently flagged as “favorite”

• Players will now be prompted to continue the dungeon or return to Tavern upon resuming the game mid-dungeon

• Brand new HUD

• Tap and hold to see information about your Battle Abilities while in combat

• Tower missions are now grouped and sorted more elegantly

• Last sorting selection is saved when returning to the Arsenal

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug which caused the DLC notification to keep looping

• SFX no longer stop after completing Sanctum of Blades

• Fixed a crashed caused by tapping on the diamonds image on the HUD

• Consecutive Login Streak is no longer broken if you play but don’t connect to the server on a given day

• The Frozen icon no longer shows up after an enemy has died

• Fixed a soft lock caused by players entering numeric character as their name when reaching level 10

• Fixed an issue which cause an incorrect number of keys to be rewarded in some dungeons

• Enemy health box now scales appropriately with the health of the enemy

Version 1.0.5Edit

released 07/02/2014

• Optimized file size and memory usage 

• Graphical improvements 

• Added many new Abilities, Skills, Items and Monsters that will appear in upcoming special dungeons and events!

Version 1.0.4Edit

released 06/09/2014

• Added consecutive and cumulative login bonuses with great rewards!

• A new day will now trigger regardless of connectivity.

• Added more items to the Adventure Mode and Heroic loot tables!

• Many bug fixes, optimizations and graphical improvements!

Version 1.0.3Edit

released 04/24/2014


• Tutorials updated to include: 

-> An arrow that points to the first couple tiles to be selected

-> An arrow pointing to the staircase to exit the tower

-> The "Choose Random" button is now available in the chest room

• Bonus Missions now unlock at level 6 

• Heroic Missions now unlock at level 50

• Dungeon loot has increased in variety 


• Sunder armor description updated

• The floor now displays "empty" shrines/altars once used


• The Execute Battle Ability threshold is higher

• The Execute Battle Ability damage is increased

• The Dragonkin enemies have a new double strike attack called 'Flurry of Blows' in both heroic and normal dungeons

• Critical hits will now properly apply to both parties when Soul Linked

Quality of Life Changes

• New dungeons and floors will now say “NEW”

• New hit and attack sounds

• Items that are in use can no longer be dismantled

• Item abilities now have unique names

• Healing shrine now heals the player to full health, up from 50% health

• The Dragon will now always drop a key

• Refactored rewards from the Dead Adventurer's Bag and Team Point bags

Bug Fixes

• Players will no longer receive a “Mission Complete” popup before all monsters have been defeated

• Fixed a bug where an altar item could show up on a floor without an altar (or vice versa)

• Fixed a bug where the block values did not always show correct value

• Debuffs will now be removed upon reviving

• Enemies will now take appropriate damage no matter which attack they are using

• Fixed an issue which caused the dismantle button to become unresponsive

• Players will no longer encounter the Mysterious Figure on tiles that already contain a monster

• Enemy HP will now display correctly when using a healing ability

• Abilities that don’t cause damage will no longer apply certain chance on hit procs

Version 1.0.2Edit

released 04/02/2014


• Added new sound effects for various monsters and attacks.

• Added Fuse tutorial. This will appear in the Armory the first time you have items available for fusing.

• Loot from Heroic dungeons is now superior to their normal counterpart.

• Achievement titles and descriptions are now unique.

• The Mysterious Figure’s third form is now level 40 down from level 60.


• Items that cause HP to be regained after battle now work properly.

• Items that have a chance to cause ‘Fear’ now works properly. 

• Items that state ‘enemies cannot heal’ now work properly.

• The effects of all equipped items with the ‘Some damage dealt is gained as HP’ skill now stack.


• Added new Battle Ability – Soul Link.

• The Battle Ability ‘Enrage’ now works properly.

• Poison will no longer be applied on missed attacks.

• When frozen, the option to run is no longer available.

• Fixed an issue where poison damage wouldn’t be applied if the player was frozen/paralyzed.

Quality of Life Changes

• Damage numbers now display on top of the critical hit text.

• All Fuse Materials will now shine when available to fuse.

• Monsters now display their attack after a player revives in battle.

• Plagued Boots of the Toxic Avenger now afflict a stronger poison.

• Messages awarding diamonds now display that they have been collected.

• The Arsenal screen now instantly shows the amount of dust remaining as soon as 

an item is selected to reinforce.

• Completing a dungeon takes you back to the same dungeon on the Tower screen.

Bug Fixes

• Killing enemies with reflected damage no longer freezes the game.

• Enemies with over 100000 health now display their health correctly.

• Diamonds are now rewarded correctly for Heroic dungeons.

• Game no longer locks if disconnected while reinforcing.

• Fixed an issue that allowed players to enter dungeons without a weapon equipped.

• Fixed an issue that caused Black Market chests and bags to disappear.

• Fixed an issue that caused the tower to load incorrect art.

• Fixed an issue where AP value shown was incorrect during a half AP event.

• Fixed an issue where items would be lost after completing a dungeon in rare cases.

• Fixed an issue that could cause the game to freeze during server maintenance.

• Fixed an issue that was causing various prompts to overlap.

• Fixed various achievements.

Version 1.0.1Edit

released 03/17/2014

• King Rats in the Rats! dungeons now drop higher rarity items 

• The battle ability 'Fresh Meat' now works properly 

• Heroics are now unlocked 

• Fixed a bug where additional levels were unintentionally accessible after defeating the dragon 

• Keys now appear in special dungeons

• Mail now opens properly 

• Running away from monsters now puts the player on the tile they came from instead of on the monster tile

• Critical strikes have cool new animations!

• Various skill description and other text have been updated 

• 'Remove' button added to the fuse screen 

• Skip button now flashes when all three battle abilities are on cool down 

• Many crashes/freezes caused by server maintenance have been fixed 

• Tons of smaller bug fixes and improvements